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Wireless Electricity is here, Hail Science for creating WiTricity, Watch the video


Wireless Electricity is here, Hail Science for creating WiTricity, Watch the video

WiTricity, a Watertown-based company, committed to the idea of wireless electricity, has emerged with a new technology that uses coupled resonators to power electronic devices wirelessly. Professor Morin Soljačić and his team from MIT are the minds behind this mind blowing technology.

Many of the new technologies are focusing on how to eliminate wires from our lives and technologies like WiGig Alliance are trying to make the data transmission quicker and more reliable without the need of any wires.

And another one is WiTricity, dedicated to wirelessly charge our devices or in fact WiTricity wants you to forget about charging your devices, as they’ll be charging all the time without you to put them on some electric plate, like the WiFi network.

The development of this technology has received global recognition and appraisal. CEO Eric Giler presented this wireless electricity-based technology which propelled the formation of WiTricity, at the TED Global Conference, Oxford, in July 2009. He demonstrated the transfer of wireless electricity to a television and three different mobile phones channeled by a WiTricity powering unit.

WiTricity with a vision of “Wireless Everywhere”, is busy designing products for various domains like consumer electronics, automobiles, medical devices, and much more. Their current product line: Prodigy, WiCAD, WiT 5000C3, WiT 5000, WiT 3000. Prodigy is a demo kit, allows you to get a ball-park estimation of the WiTricity technology and to experiment wireless electricity transmission.

WiTricity has so far adhered to what Morin thought that night when he was in his pajamas and woke up due to the beeping of his landline, oh! I missed it again, his mobile. In addition to all the good things, WiTricity has been working to harness the true wireless electricity. Questions are raised regarding the health effects due to their new technology, but the Watertown-based company has its part to say:

WiTricity products are being designed to comply with applicable safety standards and regulations.
However, no studies have been conducted to trace the effects on human and animals due to the constant presence of wireless electricity radiations in their surroundings. WiTricity’s technology might manifest a cardinal panacea to the thirst of power hungry devices around us.

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