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Cyber-Crime Barely Pays $30,000 A Year To A Black Hat Hacker


Cyber-Crime Barely Pays $30,000 A Year To A Black Hat Hacker

n the war between good versus evil, ”Good’ makes more money than ‘Bad’ even if ‘Bad’ is good at finding the ‘Bad’ faults of ‘Good’ side. Yes! I am talking about black hat hackers and IT security specialists. Here the black hat hackers are the ‘bad guys’ and IT security specialists are the ‘Good’ guys.
According to a joint study done by Palo Alto Networks and the Ponemon Institute, cyber crime barely pays $30,000 a year to a black hat hacker. On the others hand, IT security specialists make as much as up to four times more money in a year compared to the black hat hackers counterparts.

This study is just opposite to the myth that black hat hackers have a life with flooding payouts. This study was conducted over 304 anonymous black hat hackers who are currently involved with the hacking community and are familiar with the present-day hacking methods.
The study reveals that white hat hackers report salaries in an average of $115,770 per year. On the other hand, black hat hackers who answered the survey said they only make $28,744 per year on average.
The above study is contrary to the thoughts of hackers. 69% of the black hat hackers said that they were motivated by money. Out of the total hacking attacks launched by the black hat hackers, 72% attacks are launched for the opportunistic reasons, like the discovery of an accidental security hole or the release of a product on day-zero.
Hackers also admit that if the attack gets complicated or the company puts up a fight back, 69% of the hackers give up just within first 40 hours. In recent years, the time and cost to plan a cyber-attack have also gone down which makes it easier for a hacker to launch the attack.
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