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This YouTuber Created His Own Version Of Goku’s Flying Nimbus


This YouTuber Created His Own Version Of Goku’s Flying Nimbus

e have been familiar with ever since we started playing Subway Surfers and then the real hoverboards came like the announced by Intel, they don’t really fly by the way. But no one would have ever envisaged these hoverboards could help people with their Anime fascination.

In a YouTube video posted by Yes Ranger, he was hovering in the streets of Taipei, Taiwan on a Flying Nimbus or Somersault Cloud, as it is said. The same magical golden cloud Goku uses in Dragon Ball series, but I’m doubtful that the Flying Nimbus really chose him for a ride, was he worthy enough?
Later in the video, he flew upon some skyscraper or something else. After which he entered into a combat with a burger eating pedestrian using Goku like powers.
He also posted another in which he described how he made the hoverboard look like the Flying Nimbus using an insulation layer. In the same video, he featured his inspiration behind the idea who was a on a flying carpet in NYC. The Aladdin in that video was Jesse Wellens and he used electric skates for imitating Aladdin’s magic carpet. Jesse and his girlfriend Jeana Smith are well known YouTube celebs who post prank videos on their channel .
Watch the Flying Nimbus in Action:

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