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Here’s Why The Linux Foundation Is Working With Obama Administration


Here’s Why The Linux Foundation Is Working With Obama Administration

White House looks forward to use open source technologies in many future aspects of the country, whether it’s core research in the fields of science, technology, tools, or nation’s infrastructure. But at the same time, White House also wants to ensure that open source does not die a slow death due to the lack of funding.

If we closely look around, it’s Linux and the open source software which are running the world. Big companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter use Linux and other open source software to build innovative products. Even in the fields of the big data, the world’s largest banks, and data centers are running Linux and other open source software.
Open source has not only fueled the acceleration of the technical developments but they have also reduced the technological costs. On the contrary, a very little has been done to support the developers running some of the world’s most important projects like OpenSSL, GnuPG, OpenSSH, NTP and more.
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These open source projects build the path referenced in the action plan by the White House. Obama administration has announced its plans to work with Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative to support the open source technologies.

CII also has plans to invest in the core internet technologies which have built the base of the internet. Many of these technologies are open source software projects developed by one or a handful of developers that have over time become the essential infrastructure of the Internet and modern commerce. The White House looks forward to resolving this funding gap in the open source projects.’s Jim Zemlin says, “An excerpt from today’s plan sums it up just right: “If we’re going to be connected, we need to be protected. We need to join together—Government, businesses, and individuals.””
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