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Crazy Man Creates A Revenge Website To “Destroy” Ex-Wife, Says “I Want Her Dead’”


Crazy Man Creates A Revenge Website To “Destroy” Ex-Wife, Says “I Want Her Dead’”

A man from British Columbia is running a website to harass and defame his ex-wife, Desiree Capuano, by posting the photos of her and her home. He alleges that she’s a white supremacist, a child abuser, and a stripper. This is not the end — Patrick Fox says that he wants to “destroy” her wife and he’ll only stop when she’s either “homeless and destitute” or “dead”.
Apparently, the police are unwilling to press charges against him. Desiree says that she has been unable to get help from the FBI or Canadian authorities, and can’t afford the high fees to file a court case against her ex-husband. However, in December 2015, an Arizona judge issued a protective order — but did nothing about the website.

She blames that her husband’s “sick fixation” is terrifying and his goal is to force her into committing suicide.
Desiree, living near Tuscon, Arizona, with her son, told CBC news that she came to know about the website via a co-worker. The website is full of vulgar content and aims at portraying Desiree Capuano as a “bad person”.

Meanwhile, talking to CBC, Fox happily admits that he’ll keep harassing her ex until her life’s destroyed or she’s dead. “She ruined both of our lives,” he said.
More details about their past relationship are unclear. Desiree told that they split in 2001 and her infant son was hidden from her for years, only to be reunited in 2011 when Fox went to prison for citizenship fraud charges.
On the other hand, Fox claims that her ex-wife abandoned their son until 2011 and then abducted him. After completing his prison sentence, Fox began knitting plans to destroy her life.
Fox says that he’d have “no qualms” about killing Capuano if that was legal. “No qualms right … means no moral dilemma. That doesn’t mean that I would actually do it,” Fox told CBC.
“I don’t know what it would take other than him actually physically shooting me for them to think that I was at risk,” said Desiree.
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