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Google’s AI Wants To Be The Ultimate Gamer By Winning ‘Go’ Championship


Google’s AI Wants To Be The Ultimate Gamer By Winning ‘Go’ Championship

Google is on its way of developing the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to play one of the world’s hardest games ‘Go’.

This move has been announced by Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis. Demis Hassabis himself was a former chess master. The artificial intelligence algorithm will be named as AlphaGo and the tournament will include five matches of the ancient strategy game ‘Go.’
AlphaGo has already been tested in the past and it was able to beat the European champ Fan Hui 5 – 0 in a secret tournament. It is expected that the upcoming series will unveil a more advanced version of the algorithm.
In computer science terminology some of the algorithmic basis for this AI algorithm are tree search, neural networks, positive reinforcement and long-term planning. The next move by Google is expected to make use of these theories.

“It’s beaten every challenge we’ve given it. We won’t know its true strength until we play it against someone like Lee Sedol.” — Hassabis said in a statement.
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The upcoming matches are scheduled to be held on March 9, 10, 12, 13 and 15, which will be live-streamed from the Four Seasons hotel in Seoul on DeepMind’s YouTube channel. It’s expected that each match will last between four and five hours.
There is also $1 million prize for the winner of the competition, which Google will donate to STEM charities.
Whether AI wins or loses, this Go match will surely help Google create a smarter system to solve the real-world problems.
Do you think that one day Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will drive the world? Put in your thoughts in the comment section below on the pros and cons of AI on humanity.
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