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21 Top Programming Languages On GitHub And Stack Overflow – January 2016


21 Top Programming Languages On GitHub And Stack Overflow – January 2016

If you are willing to learn a new programming language and enhance your skill set, it’s very important to recognise the latest coding trends and make wise decisions. To help you out in making the correct choice, the developer research company RedMonk has just released this year’s biannual list of the top programming languages.

This list is prepared by periodically comparing the relative performance of these languages on GitHub and Stack Overflow. Using two metrics ensures that the language discussions (Stack Overflow) and usage (GitHub) is duly taken into account while preparing this list.
To be included on the list, a programming language must be observable on GitHub and Stack Overflow. These communities are used as their size is large and they get the public exposure needed for such an analysis.
This list has once again confirmed that JavaScript continues to run the web, followed by Java at the second position. “In many cases, Java and JavaScript are leveraged side-by-side in the same application, depending on its particular needs,” RedMonk writes.
If we compare it with last year’s ranking, the scenario has changed very little and the top 10 remains the same. This is because the larger a language becomes, the more difficult it becomes for others to outperform it. The ranking also shows that the change in top 10 ranking will be slow, but Go and Swift have managed to gain more points as compared to others.Well, here are the top 21 programming languages based on their performance on GitHub and Stack Overflow:#1 JavaScript#2 Java#3 PHP#4 Python#5 C##5 C++#5 Ruby#8 CSS#9 C#10 Objective-C#11 Shell#12 Perl#13 R#14 Scala#15 Go#15 Haskell#17 Swift#18 Matlab#19 Clojure#19 Groovy#19 Visual BasicOutside the top 10, these languages got special mention due to their performance and usability:ElixirJuliaRustSwiftTypeScriptHere’s the visual depiction of the performance of the programming languages historically. You can visit RedMonk’s website to use this graph in an interactive manner:

Well, enough about rankings! Let’s learn to code!
Here are some recommended courses to get started with learning. Take a look:JavaPythonJavaScriptRubyC#CSSSwiftRuby On RailsAngularJSHTML5 & CSS3

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