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Image: Astronaut Umberto Guidoni in training

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Image: Astronaut Umberto Guidoni in training

Credit: NASA ESA astronaut Umberto Guidoni training in Houston, USA, for his Space Shuttle mission STS-100 to the International Space Station that was launched 19 April 2001, making him the first European to work in the research laboratory.

Umberto was a mission specialist on Space Shuttle mission STS-100 that delivered elements and equipment to the International Space Station, including the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Raffaello as well as the first Canadian robotic arm that was used to assemble the Space Station.
This was his second mission after a 16-day spaceflight aboard Space Shuttle Columbia. Umberto became a member of the European Parliament in 2004.
In the background is Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield who flew with Umberto on STS-100, also his second mission.
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Provided by:European Space Agency

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