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Relationship between weather and tourist behaviour


Relationship between weather and tourist behaviour

Credit: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University A researcher team led by Prof. Bob McKercher at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management evaluated the impact of weather changes on tourists’ behaviour and their level of satisfaction while visiting Hong Kong.

The team conducted an investigation over a 57-day period in summer, studying tourists’ intended activities, whether the weather changes had affected their plans as well as their understanding, perceptions and experiences on different weather conditions. During the investigation period, the tourists had experienced rains and thunderstorms, hot weather and typhoon warnings.
Results showed that more than 50 percent of the tourists considered the weather in Hong Kong uncomfortable. Around 60 percent of them had checked the weather forecast before going out. Only about 25 percent of them had changed their plans because of unfavourable weather, such as extreme hot weather or heavy rains. However, tourists were still very active regardless of the weather fluctuations encountered. They spent an average of seven hours outdoors and visited or went past some eight places. Despite this, unfavourable weather did affect visitors’ satisfaction in the visiting places.
In conclusion, tourists are highly adaptable regardless of weather fluctuations. They would look for indoor activities to stay away from heat and rains.
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Provided by:Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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