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Recipients of the 2018 MIT Excellence Awards and Collier Medal announced


Recipients of the 2018 MIT Excellence Awards and Collier Medal announced

The MIT Excellence Awards and Collier Medal are among the highest honors awarded to staff, and acknowledge the extraordinary efforts made in the spirit of fulfilling the goals, values, and mission of the Institute. The entire MIT community is invited to attend the 2018 MIT Excellence Awards and Collier Medal ceremony and reception on Tuesday, March 13, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Kresge Auditorium.
Although these awards are intended primarily to acknowledge the work of service, support, administrative, and sponsored research staff, they can also include faculty and other academic staff. This year’s awardees work in numerous roles across MIT campus and at Lincoln Laboratory. In each of their respective categories, they have demonstrated a commitment to excellence.
The 2018 MIT Excellence Award recipients are:The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Out Professional Employee Network (OPEN) Committee, in the category of Advancing Inclusion and Global Perspectives;Sarah Chmielewski, Dana Doyle, Bobby Pelletier, and Erin Schenck, in the category of Bringing out the Best;Steven Holland and the MIT.nano Construction Leadership Team in the category of Innovative Solutions;Matthew Alt, Sandra Deneault, Shawn Ferullo, Jennifer Hapgood-White, Andre King, Timothy Lloyd, Libby Mahaffy, and Lorena Tovar, in the category of Outstanding Contributor; andCathleen Dwyer, Adam Henneberry, Madeleine R.H. Riley, Leslie Wright, the MITxPro Video Team, and Team ”E” for Excellence, in the category of Serving the Client.
The 2018 Collier Medal of Service recipient is Blanche E. Staton, senior associate dean for graduate education in the Office of Graduate Education, within the Office of the Vice Chancellor.
Visit the MIT HR website for more information about the award categories, selection process, and recipients. At the award ceremony, attendees are encouraged to use #mitcelebrateexcellence to share their photos and videos on social media.

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