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Scene at MIT: Ridonkulous dancers


Scene at MIT: Ridonkulous dancers

Cue the hip-hop jams, smooth footwork, and energetic dance moves — this is MIT’s Ridonkulous!
Established in 2005, Ridonkulous is a co-ed competitive hip hop dance group that embraces urban dance culture and offers a powerful expression of passion, commitment, and teamwork on the dance floor.
Bryan Chen, a senior in electrical engineering and computer science and co-captain and president of Ridonkulous, appreciates being part of this supportive dance community. “I enjoy being able to lead such a unique and diverse group of energetic people,” Chen says. “Although we are all MIT students, dance is an outlet for us where we can be carefree and have fun.”
In addition to the group’s performances and competitions, Ridonkulous host bi-weekly workshops ranging in a variety of dance styles taught by the nation’s top dance choreographers, including ones from the popular dance show competition, “So You Think You Can Dance!”
During the spring semester, Ridonkulous hosts MIT’s largest dance showcase called “Footwork” in Walker Memorial (Building 50). The annual show features phenomenal performances by collegiate dance teams from the Greater Boston community. “We wanted to be able to have these dancers express themselves on our stage,” Chen explains. “Keeping our teams in close contact with each other allows the dance community to grow and experience new things together.”
Submitted by: Kailey Tse-Harlow/Division of Student Life | Photo by: Nichole Clarke
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