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Materials Research Laboratory welcomes area teachers, community college students


Materials Research Laboratory welcomes area teachers, community college students

Three greater Boston-area school teachers and five community college students will work in MIT faculty-led research groups this summer through the MIT Materials Research Laboratory and its Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) program.
For summer 2019 there are two Boston high school teachers: Allyson Grasso, who teaches environmental science at the Match Charter Public High School; and Camilia Chodkowski, who teaches chemistry and environmental science at the Dearborn STEM Academy.
The third teacher, Wendy Moy, teaches physical science at the Diamond Middle School in Lexington, Massachusetts. Moy spent summer 2018 in the research group of assistant professor of physics Riccardo Comin. She will return to the Comin lab this summer on a part-time basis to develop classroom material for teaching her middle school students about her MIT lab experience.
The MIT MRSEC, a National Science Foundation-supported program, has hosted local science teachers to conduct research on campus since 1999. All participants are selected on the basis of their teaching experience, statements of interest, and plans to incorporate their research experience into their teaching.
Five local community college students will participate in an eight-week summer internship program at the MIT Materials Research Laboratory MRSEC from mid June through early August. They were selected based on their academic records, community college faculty recommendations, and interviews with MIT faculty and graduate students.
Two of the interns are from Roxbury Community College: Jimmy Dorielan is an engineering major, and Nancy Berger is majoring in biotechnology. Students Ayat Labouyard and Michael Feltis, both engineering majors, hail from Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC). These four students will be funded through the MIT MRSEC.
The fifth student, Amanda Kozicki, a biology student from BHCC, will be funded by Professor Rafael Jaramillo’s Guided Academic Industry Network (GAIN). GAIN is supported by Jaramillo’s NSF CAREER grant. After her summer as an intern at MIT, Kozicki will spend the following summer in an industrial internship.

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