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A warm REX-Week welcome for the Class of 2023


A warm REX-Week welcome for the Class of 2023

Immediately after MIT welcomed the Class of 2023 to campus, first-year students jumped into Residence Exploration (REX). All 10 of MIT’s undergraduate residence halls hosted activities throughout REX week to encourage new students to explore and get to know their potential neighbors. Events this year included a carnival at Baker House, Ferris wheel and fort structure at East Campus, waffle making at MacGregor, and the annual Water War in Killian Court involving all 10 communities.

As they do each year, Simmons Hall constructed their Trojan Duck with help from first-year students. However, when the time came to wheel the duck into battle, it was unable to make the turn from Massachusetts Avenue onto Memorial Drive. With their biggest weapon sidelined, residents abandoned the duck and battled hand-to-hand with just water balloons and squirt guns.
REX week was just a part of how MIT welcomes new students, giving them a chance to get to know their peers and explore campus.

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